Family Matters: What's Truly Important

What matters to most of us deep down is family. Either our blood relations or external groups we cling to. One thing is undeniably true, Family Matters. I see this in the many posts on Facebook, or the tweets on Twitter. We all have a strong connection for the need for deep connections with others. What's so interesting about this is how it affects how we operate at work or home. What we value most becomes what we focus on and the idea that those we care about can become family either by blood or those we choose to bring inside.
Nothing completes this idea than that of a clan! To this point, if you haven't seen Game of Thrones, Vikings, or Highlander then perhaps this would be a good place to stop and connect with that first so you can better follow the rest.
The founding of the clan system is unknown but is speculated to be around 1425 A.D.; however,  to make this easier the definition can be found on Wikipedia:

"A clan is a group of people united by actual or perceived kinship and descent."
The most impactful part of this definition comes from the latter half of the sentence, "perceived." This means that blood ties aren't necessarily the end all, be all for familial relationships. Although this system has roots in Nordic culture, other cultures have adopted this it as well. What makes this even more liberating is that others can be tied together by family ties and feel that bond regardless of blood relations. For me, unity in this fashion is by far one of foundational importance when it comes to mentorship.
As I founded Business Builder this year, I thought about this idea of a family. The idea that many Apprentices will go through this program and come out as part of a family, a clan. The main reasoning behind this focus on unity through the family is from looking at the world we live in now.
The division is the name of the game in today's dynamic world. Seldom do we sit, wait, listen, and then respond. We are fast-paced and look to satisfy only those within our sphere of influence. Only looking to focus on the select few we interact with and nothing more.
This behavior has taken the idea of family and morphed it into a "give and take" situation. We transactionally contend with only those who can give us what we want in exchange for what they have. To me, this is not what it means to be a family. I do not agree that family should be about giving and taking just to repeat that over, and over again. My wife and I have discussed this at length and concluded that what we desire most aren't shapeless and formless relationships. Rather, relationships that focus on strength, unity, and champion companionship. We want those in our lives to feed into us as we feed into them. 
Too often we see the idea of family as separated and divided. This fractured and splintered idea has become the scorn of our society either by the butt end of our jokes, or the childish satire of our TV shows. What brought about this change? I believe that the true meaning of Family no longer matters in the eyes of the popular majority.
However, the family does matter, and this is something we need to restore as its ripple effect can be felt in all areas of our society. Without the strong idea of why family matters we simply do not have a strong enough fall back to hold back life's adversity. 
True, the lines of family ties can sometimes be obscure in its meaning. But just as the Scottish clans fought with all their might to save the future of their clansmen and women against the British, so too must we fight to preserve what Family truly means for us.

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