Partner Stores

Introducing our NEW partners and the beginning of our newest addition of business partners! These companies were built and set up as stand-alone stores that are custom built to market merchandise and pricing unique to the group which we work with. 

54th Company (Mortuary Affairs) "Grave Diggers"

One of the most deployed units currently serving around the globe to help bring back soldiers back home who have fallen in combat. This unit was even honored among those who responded to the 9-11incident and took part in restoring order and pride among our people. This website not only was a dedication to them but a way for their soldiers to build pride within their unit for the camaraderie that they need each day!

331st Transportation Company "Causeway"

The floating causeway system has been a strategic asset that we have utilized mainly in response to natural disasters around the world. This highly specialized team of soldiers currently are tasked with upkeeping, maintaining, and executing the build for this massive bridge that allows ships to pull up beside it and roll tanks, trucks, and other assets from sea to beach. This website was dedicated for soldiers to build pride within this company, and currently allow them a way to build pride within their respective unit.